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Comments from delegates attending recent training events that I have delivered include:

“One of the best courses I have been on in 20 years”

“Wonderful presenter, with real empathy for the difficulties faced”

“Excellent course - I feel so much better informed”

“Very professional and enlightening. I feel more confident in helping children in school with mental health needs”

“So useful, trainer so knowledgeable and kept my attention the whole time. Was a good balance of info and activities”

“I have really enjoyed the training and feel empowered to increase awareness and support”

“This really clarified the issues and questions I had”

“Brilliant!  I’m feeling inspired!”

Extracts from feedback after Building Resilience course delivered at Marymount International School, London

Feedback from workshop on self-reflective practice to Homestart staff:

"The workshop exceeded my expectations- it was both informative and interactive"

“Esther offered excellent strategies to improve reflective practice and observation skills!”


"Excellent and thought-provoking"


Family work (2023)

"We want to express our appreciation and gratitude for everything you have done for us as a family. Your calm empathetic stance and professional expertise has helped us though an emotionally challenging time that left us confused, distressed and in need of additional support. It all feels more manageable now"

Couple work (2021)

"Totally trusted you as a therapist and ........felt very well guided and understood and it helped … a lot when you said 'this was nicely said' or 'the beginning of the sentence was kind but stop there, you're going the wrong way now'"

Family work - Professional coming out to parents (2019)

There have been some significant steps, so I want to thank you SO MUCH! I really cannot believe it. It feels like there has been a breakthrough - particularly with my dad, but also with my mum. They are asking about my partner, showing an interest, including him in things, I really can't believe it. I feel so happy and I'm so grateful to you.

Family work – long-standing conflict (2019)

Thank you for creating a safe and warm space in which we could talk and listen to each other and be assured of a safe landing.  We appreciated the efforts you took to make sure that we could all fully participate and that we could all remain fully present even in challenging moments.  We really appreciated how you facilitated difficult conversations and were open.  You held the space for us and it has make the difference we needed.

Couple work (2019)

Thank you for your generosity and kindness, your patience, your gentle strength and for guiding and supporting us on this long and winding path.

Supervisee (2019)

Many many thanks for your patience, knowledge, insight, inspiration, challenge and support over the past two years which has helped me move forward in my practice and my life.

Headteacher, Marymount International School (2018)

What a way to start a new term! Thank you so much for your time and expertise – the information you provided, the encouraging and assured tone, your insight, knowledge and passion and creativity contributed to best kind of professional development experience.