Esther Usiskin Cohen

EUC Consultancy Services

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My work:

Systemic family therapy

I am a UKCP-registered  psychotherapist.  In my NHS practice, I am a Consultant Family/Systemic Psychotherapist in the Tavistock Centre, which is a world-renowned centre for the treatment of children with emotional difficulties, and a prestigious training institution. I am also a member of AFT.

I have more than 30 years’ wide-ranging experience working with adults, families, couples, young people and children in difficult relationships and in a variety of settings.  

I work with a comprehensive range of adult, child, adolescent, family and couple issues; for example: complex grief, addictions, anxiety, and separation.  I am fully professionally insured and operate within the codes of practice laid out by the professional registering bodies: AFT, UKCP and HPCP.  

Systemic Family Therapy works with families, and people in close relationships, to enable them to change and develop, and to understand and resolve problems and family conflicts. It helps people mobilise the strengths of their relationships in conversations that can be life-changing.

A Systemic Family Therapist can enable conversations that harness the strength and the resources of family members and other significant people, taking into consideration the wider economic, social, cultural, political, and religious context in which the family lives, while respecting each individual’s different perspective, beliefs, views and stories. These conversations can have far-reaching effects.

The aim is to help family members to find constructive ways to help each other, whether their difficulties are personal or family-related, through their active involvement in therapy sessions.

My practice has an emphasis on working in an anti-discriminatory/anti-oppressive way, and I am experienced in working with a variety of social, cultural and religious differences. Please let me know know if there are any aspects of difference, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, marital or civil partnership status that you would like me to pay particular attention to.

Mindfulness teaching

I have a mindfulness practice which informs my approach in clinical work and training. I am trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction, and I deliver an eight-week course to groups in the NHS and privately.  I keep my practice up to date by attending courses and retreats.

I received very positive feedback after my recent mindfulness teaching at Marymount International School  in January 2019.

Pro-bono work

I provide therapeutic support at the Dunkerque refugee camp once a month on a pro-bono basis, as part of the Refugee Resilience Collective (Tavistock group).  This is a team of experienced therapists who have developed approaches to enhance the resilience, capacity, coping strategies and skills of refugees, staff and volunteers, originally in the Calais camp and now in Dunkerque.

I work alongside other helping organisations in the camp, including Médecins du Monde, Médicins sans Frontières and Art Refuge, to negotiate ways to most effectively meet the complex needs of refugees who have fled terrifying contexts, often experienced traumatic journeys, and are living in terrible circumstances, while hoping to make a transition to a safe home. See more information and pictures here.

I provide clinical supervision for the Refugee Youth Service in London, and I have a supervisory role in managing therapy delivery at the new North London Drop-In for asylum seekers.