Esther Usiskin Cohen

EUC Consultancy Services

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Services for schools

I have created unique training programmes for heads of sixth forms, and secondary and primary school teachers, on training staff to recognise and work effectively with mental health issues, and to manage their own well-being.

My courses are lively, dynamic and interactive, giving participants new ways of exploring the subject. I tailor the training to suit individual groups’ needs, interests and concerns.

I have delivered the following training programmes:

As a systemic psychotherapist, I am interested in people, patterns, and processes.  My experience is that carefully managed conversations can be revelations that lead to a happier, more productive, collaborative team.

I often work in participation with a reputable training company:  If you would like more information on in-house training courses, please click here.

I look forward to hearing about your bespoke needs and how I might deliver for you.