Esther Usiskin Cohen

EUC Consultancy Services

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Services for organisations

In my consulting practice my associates and I enable the critical conversations which explore possibilities, find ways to overcome difficulties, and reveal opportunities. As an experienced systemic psychotherapist, I am interested in people, and especially in social patterns and processes.

My starting point is that people want to be successful and do good work that connects with their values.  My role as a consultant is to empower teams and organisations to realise the potential of their people.

I am familiar with the politics and challenges of working with organisational change, as I have more than 30 years’ experience of working with organisations. I start by getting to grips with the current dynamics in the workplace, and tuning into its complex social and political contexts and relationships. I use the technique of ‘respectful  curiosity’, which is drawn from systemic psychotherapy.  This works by asking unexpected and challenging questions, in a respectful way. I listen, I tell you what I’ve heard, and together we move forward to uncover new perspectives.

My approach is to see people not as problems to be solved, but as individuals with valuable opinions that can benefit their organisations. In gathering insights in this way, I aim to build a capacity for learning into individuals and teams, and generate the energy and enthusiasm needed to enable positive outcomes.

I believe that conversations can be revelations that lead to happier, more productive and more collaborative teams.

I look forward to hearing from you about your bespoke needs and how I might deliver.